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Weekly Wrap Up

Emanuel got the green light for candidacy: Rahm Emanuel can run for Chicago mayor, after a unanimous decision by the Illinois Supreme Court. The Court found that he meets the residency requirements because he paid taxes and maintained a residence … Continue reading

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Voters Demand a Fair and Impartial Judiciary: NOW WHAT?!

The other candidate is lazy, soft on crime; a politician.  These are the accusations blaring over Alabama airwaves, but you would be mistaken to think that 2012 White House hopefuls have begun campaigning.  No, these are the television spots for … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap Up

A 1996 Federal Appeals Court decision is forcing DC TV stations to air “anti-abortion porn.” Missy Smith is a candidate for the DC congressional seat, though many people claim that she is simply an “anti-abortion extremist, who has found a … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Virginia governor Robert McDonnell is outpacing his Democratic predecessors in restoring voting rights to felons. McDonnell, known as a law-and-order attorney general, has approved 780 of 889 applications — approximately 88 percent of applications — since taking office in January. … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap Up

Are red light cameras racist? According to American Traffic Solutions, they are. ATS opposes a ballot initiative to add red light cameras in Baytown, Texas, saying it will encourage conservative voters to come out in larger numbers for the November election … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap Up

Every week, State of Elections brings you the latest news in state election law. – A number of states are passing new legislation in an attempt to curb the influence of special interests on judicial elections. – Wisconsin state Representative … Continue reading

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Redistricting and Judicial Elections in Pennsylvania

Justice Joan Orie Melvin of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court With the census in full swing, Pennsylvania again looks forward to the decennial redistricting process, the back room dealing and eventual round of lawsuits. Under Pennsylvania Constitution Article II § 17, … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap Up

This weekly wrap up is a little late, since we posted a summary of our Symposium on Friday instead of our typical weekly wrap up.   To anyone who was waiting with bated breath for the latest news in state election … Continue reading

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