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New Mexico Supreme Court candidate disqualified

New Mexico Supreme Court Says Judicial Candidate was Properly Disqualified from Election and Fined for Violations of Public Campaign Financing Law On April 12, 2012, the New Mexico Supreme Court found that candidate for a seat on the New Mexico … Continue reading

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All States (motor-voter): The voting poor

by Patrick Genova Initiatives aimed at registering poor Americans to vote is un-American, or at least that is the conjecture Matthew Vadum made early last month in a controversial article published by American Thinker. Vadum, the author of Subversion, Inc. … Continue reading

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Mr. Colbert: or, How states might learn to love campaign finance reform

Its opponents deride its existence as a farce upon campaign finance law.  Its supporters suggest that it is the only way to set the system straight.  News of it has reached the public’s consciousness, rarified air for anything in the … Continue reading

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Committees and Campaigns: South Carolina Federal Court Tightens Definition and Loosens Regulations

In the wake of last year’s Citizen’s United ruling, there’s been much deliberation, speculation, and anticipation about how the world of federal campaign finance will be changed – and now the states are getting into the mix.  Decisions in Colorado, … Continue reading

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Corruption? In MY Elections? Its More Likely Than you Think.

Money and politics have been intertwined since the beginning of government.  Today is no different.  While bribery laws have been around in the United States since the founding, an increasing amount of states have enacted specific laws related to bribery … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap Up

This weekly wrap up is a little late, since we posted a summary of our Symposium on Friday instead of our typical weekly wrap up.   To anyone who was waiting with bated breath for the latest news in state election … Continue reading

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