State of Elections and the Election Law Society of William & Mary are thrilled to announce it’s first Editor-in-Chief, Anthony Balady.  A first year law student born and raised in New Jersey, Anthony has a degree in political science with a minor in writing and rhetoric from James Madison University.  While we have a team of great editors on our blog, Anthony has emerged as a leader who will roll up his sleeves and leaves draft blog posts bleeding with red ink.

Reaction to this historic move for our blog was widely positive.  When reached for comment, President Obama said it was “the best news we’ve had all week.”

Aware of Mr. Balady’s brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, Senator-elect Brown (R-MA) issued a statement nominating Anthony for Cosmo’s 2010 “America’s Sexiest Man.” It’s worth noting that when Cosmo comes calling, both men will have won the award while in law school, but only one will have had the privilege of leading the best student-run election law blog in the country.

For our readers wondering what type of political background Anthony has, we asked him a few basic questions.  His first political memory?  Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal.  The first campaign that got him into politics?  McCain in 2000:  “That was the first time I realized that politics wasn’t just an entertaining sideshow, it had a real impact on real people,” the new chief said.  Though he was quick to point out that McCain 2008 didn’t inspire the same feelings.  In 2008, Anthony was pulling for Stephen Colbert.  Seems like all of his candidates run into trouble in South Carolina.

Please join our blog family and the national, bi-partisan enthusiasm and welcome Anthony with an email at

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